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PurGard Water Softener System Protectant

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PurGard System Protectant is the best way to clean and protect your water softening equipment. Far surpassing previous products such as ResUp, which try to imitate PurGard but have a much higher risk of damaging your water equipment when compared to PurGard.

Product Features:

  • Cleans ion-exchange resins without damaging the structured matrix
  • Leaves a protective coating on metallic moving parts
  • Cleans and lubricates all moving components
  • Counteracts softener system bacteria growth
  • Pur-Gard will work with all residential or commercial water systems
  • Suitable for direct injection, drip, and continuous feed systems

PurGard significantly helps to extend the life of water softening and filtration equipment.

*Order by 1 pm MST and your shipment will ship out on the very same business day.

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