5 Solutions for dealing with Hard Water Stains

By Lisa Jorgensen   pebblesandpiggytails.com

I believe in making life meaningful, but I don't think cleaning hard water stains is on the list of meaningful things to do each day.  Ugh.  But it has to be done.  If you live in an area with serious hard water like me, you know how annoying it can be.  So I believe in finding ways to quickly clean and keep hard water away so we can get back to what matters most in life.   Using these hard water tips, including PurSolutions cleaner, we'll be back to enjoying the good life in no time at all!

*This post is sponsored by PurSolutions.com.  It is a helpful post all about hard water stains written by me, and I was given a product to try for free.  Product reviews or opinions are completely my own.

Initially, water is naturally soft.  Hard water happens when water runs through rock and soil and picks up calcium, magnesium, lime, and chalk.  Mostly, it's all the calcium and magnesium that cause those hard water annoyances like dingy clothes, foggy drinking glasses, and yucky residue all over faucets, windows, and showers.  Hard water can also cause a breakdown in your pipes and your appliances.  Hard water is such a pain!  So here are five tips to take control of the hard water in your house:

1. Keep It Dry

Wipe down surfaces in your home after water use.  Squeegee your shower when finished.  Keep counter tops and sinks dry after water usage.  This is the simplest way to prevent hard water residue, or at least keep it down.

2. Check Water Temperature

According to articles like this turning your water temperature down to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit can help prevent scale build-up in your water heater.  The hotter the water is, the more calcium and magnesium comes out, forming deposits in your water heater.  So turn the temp down!

3. Go for Soft Water

One of the best ways to keep hard water residue from building up in all areas of your home is to have a water softener installed.  Systems like those from Intermountain Soft Water use an ion-exchange process that takes out the hard water minerals and replaces them with sodium or potassium.  With soft water, your shower will be cleaner, your dishes will sparkle again, and hard water stains will be few and far between.

4. Try Vinegar

Vinegar is a low acid solution that can clean hard water stains.  We used to have very hard water in one of our previous homes and I used it a lot.  You can put it in the dishwasher as it cleans to keep your glass dishes looking clearer.  You can even stick it in the washing machine with your clothes.

5. Use a Good Cleaner

Sometimes vinegar just doesn't cut it and you need a really good cleaner to get rid of hard water build-up fast.  We've had a shower that was so caked with years of hard water residue that it didn't even budge when I used vinegar.  Recently I was given a chance to try PurClean, a heavy-duty, scale buster.  It cut through my hard water stains quickly.  It does not have stinky fumes--just a very light citrus scent.  It's a gel that is easy to apply and remove.  Here's what I did:

Just a few weeks ago, I washed the windows on our front porch.  They were shining . . . EXCEPT these nasty hard water spots remained at the bottom--even after scrubbing.  It's from the sprinklers spraying there each night.
I decided to try PurClean on this window -- because who wants gross windows right at the front door?
Here's my bottle of PurClean.  It says it works on scale, lime, and rust.  And it truly has a gentle, citrus scent.
1. I put a little cleanser on my sponge, but you can apply it directly to the surface. PurClean comes out as a gel.  
2. I spread it all over my window.  
3.  I let it sit on my window for 10 minutes (as it directs on the bottle).  Then I simply rinsed and wiped clean.  EASY!!!!
4.  Look at the comparison!
AFTER . . . Isn't it beautiful!

I kinda started going all hard-water-crazy after that and looked for it everywhere so I could try out my PurClean.  Here's my front porch bench, that as you can see what hit by that same sprinkler . . .

BEFORE         and         AFTER

My shower . . . I must really love you guys if I am actually showing my shower . . .

BEFORE        and         AFTER 
And more dingy, sprinkler-stained windows . . . .  I think the PurClean scale cleaner worked great at my house.  Just a suggestion if you wanna give it a try.

Good luck with those hard water stains and have a great day!

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